Broken-Plan Spaces Are Trending

Broken-Plan Living: A New Trend in Home Design Since the pandemic began, remote working has become the norm for many of us, leading to a surge in divided living spaces.

An increasingly popular option is “broken-plan living”, where different furnishings are used to create designated zones within the home. This allows families to share the same space without interfering with each other. Broken-plan living generates not only practical areas but also cozy nooks that are often missing in open-plan homes. Recently,

I had the opportunity to design an office space for KETTELL Windows using their Matt Black ALUSPACE Doors. The transformation of a tiny storage space into a beautiful broken-plan office at the KETTELLS showroom in East Goscote Leicester LE7 3XA was remarkable.

If you need some ideas for your next broken-plan design, here are a few amazing creations I have found to inspire you!

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