Creating The Perfect Mood

Creating the Perfect Mood: A Room-by-Room Guide

Curious about how to set a mood in your home? Start by choosing one room to focus on first. This approach will prevent interior design burnout from happening and ensure that you stay motivated. Start gathering inspiration from a variety of sources, including Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, magazines, furnishing/accessories websites, paint stores, and even while you’re out shopping! Compile images that feature colours and styles that you adore. You can print out physical copies of these images, cut them out of magazines, or upload them to a digital app like Canva. Arrange all of your pictures, fabrics, and paint samples on a blank canvas, and watch your vision come to life!


Collage of interior design images: Cozy mustard sofa with blue cushions, minimalist desk setup, organized bookshelf, white bean bag, pool table, rustic dining table, gray sofa with mustard throw, and an armchair with houseplants. Texts: "Cosy," "Inspo," "Retreat."

Tips for Creating a Visually Appealing Mood Board

  • Create a border around your pictures to create balance and harmony within the mood board.
  • Begin by laying out your pictures on a blank canvas.
  • Once you have identified the colours and styles that you prefer, use Google, Pinterest, Instagram, or other platforms to discover additional images that match your preferred style and help to complete the mood. Include images of furnishings, paint, accessories, and any other items that you believe will enhance the space.
  • Focus on the items that will bring the space to life as you create the mood board. This could be anything from plants to oversized lamps or panelling.
  • Choose a colour scheme from the images in front of you to complete the mood board. Select the colour scheme last, after focusing on the key items within the mood board.

Take your mood board with you whenever you go out shopping for items. You can take a picture, use an app, or carry a physical copy. This will allow you to refer back to the mood board every time you go shopping.

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