Wondering How an Interior Designer Can Assist You: If you’re short on time, have limited ideas, are unable to visualise how a space could look, feeling overwhelmed, struggling with decision-making, or just don’t know where to begin when it comes to transforming your house into a home, an interior designer can help.

Timing is Everything: Hiring an Interior Designer: It’s crucial to bring on an interior designer right from the start – even if you’re just brainstorming ideas and possibilities. Once you consider making any modifications, it’s essential to have a designer join you from the beginning.

Interior Designer Fees: What to Expect. While interior designer fees may vary, the true question is, how much do you value your home and the space that you cherish? Enlisting an interior designer to enhance your home will undoubtedly make it feel more inviting, beautiful and add value which is priceless. 

Finding the Perfect Interior Designer for You: When seeking an interior designer, it’s not only about finding someone who delivers quality work, but also someone with whom you have a good rapport. Think of them as a friend who is accompanying you on your journey. Honesty is essential when discussing design preferences, so it’s crucial to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. Building a positive working relationship and communicating constructively is key, so find someone you connect with to work alongside. 

Collaboration Between Designers and Other Tradespeople: Designers often have a network of reliable tradespeople that they’ve built up over the years. Although there may be occasions where a new partner is brought in, each designer should do their own research before recommending new contractors. 

The Ideal Way for Interior Designers to Work: The most effective method is through an in-home consultation. This allows the designer to gain a firsthand understanding of your vision and specifications. 

Is Remote Interior Designing Possible: Fortunately, many interior designers offer remote services. This type of design requires multiple pictures, a video, and full measurements of each room to get an accurate picture of what needs to be done. If your preferred interior designer doesn’t offer remote services, don’t worry – they may be able to recommend another designer who does. Simply ask and explore your options. 

Mood boards And So Much More: Interior designers offer a wide range of services, including mood boards, technical floor plans, and 3D designs that help you envision your space before finalising a design. If you need custom joinery or kitchen designs, most designers have connections that can tackle these projects for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that mood boards are all they can provide – interior designers offer so much more! 

Purchasing Furnishings: Yes, an interior designer can certainly purchase furnishings for you. At HG Interior Design, we offer two different options depending on your budget. If the budget is under £10k, we can provide you with a shopping list. However, if the budget is over £10k, we offer procurement services where we’ll charge a percentage of the total bill to buy all the furnishings on your behalf. This is perfect for people who are short on time or prefer a more hands-off approach.

What If I’m Not Satisfied with the Design Created for Me: Sometimes this can be a tricky situation, but if you have a designer who is aligned with your vision, you should be receiving designs that you love! However, in case you’re not completely satisfied, most designers offer revisions. Consider having an open and detailed conversation with the designer to address each element of the design and pinpoint which parts you dislike. This is the best way for the designer to reconnect with your vision and revise the design accordingly.