HG Interior Design is based in rural south Leicestershire and is run by Aimee Gautier who studied at The Interior Design Institute in London graduating in 2021.

The business was created in early 2021 after Aimee took voluntary redundancy from her full-time job.  The dream started on Instagram in 2020 while Aimee was still studying and since graduating Aimee has had the opportunity to work all over the country doing various design roles.

Most recently Aimee worked alongside Hello Haus an Interior Designer based in London for several months creating designs, sourcing furnishings and putting together marketing material.

Aimee has also been featured in Muddy Stilettos magazine and now has a spot on a local broker’s website Mindful Mortgages. 

Aimee says her goal is to build a multifunctional space for weddings, well-being events, church meet-ups, eco-friendly retreats and a shelter for the homeless in the winter months.

Until then she is taking bookings for 2023 onwards, so get in contact now to discuss your project details!